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Business + Culture

Moderator: Sarah Young

Cindy Le Blanc – Brewed to Serve Restaurant Group

Stacia Familo-Hopek – The Lost Druid

Katie Beauchamp- Creature Comforts

Jennifer Sloan-Creature Comforts

Beer + Brewing

Moderator: Jen Price

Alexia Ryan – Beer Girl Growler

Christine Stephens – New Realm

Brey Sloan – Riverwatch

Dairelyn Glunt – Salud Cerverzeria

Science + Sustainability

Moderator: Rebecca Royster

Veronica Sheehan – Sierra Nevada

Brie Galbreath - Arches

Kate Lloyd-Sierra Nevada

Caitlin Wilson –Creature Comforts

Sarah Rosenburg - LifeLine

Haley Zepal – Girls Rock Camp Atlanta

Christopher - Bottle Share

Madeline Bates – Creature Comforts

Community + Activism

Moderator: Dr. Jacqueline Jones Royster