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Because we are living in an unprecedented time in our history.  Across the globe, from rural communities to the busiest cities, women are finally more empowered to stand up, to speak, to work, to learn. Women are more empowered to simply be, which viewed in the light of centuries of tradition, is a powerful act in itself. 


Because at this point in time, increasing numbers of women are stepping forward to reclaim their rightful positions as brewers of beer, a long-held female tradition that was taken away for centuries. And we are succeeding. 

Historically, beer has been so much more than just a beverage. It has been medicine, sustenance, celebration, and currency. But running through all of these is its incredible role as a uniter of people. 

At Dames and Dregs Beer + Festival, we are proud to operate at this intersection of women, beer, and community. Beer is the common thread that runs through our mission, but it is just the starting point. Our festival celebrates women brewers, owners, and employees — and we don’t stop there. 

We celebrate female artists, musicians, community leaders, activists, chefs, designers, writers, performers, and so many more. When women see other women succeed, it inspires them to take up the task. If you see it, you can do it. 

Our team is very thankful for all our brewery partners, particularly those who developed special brews for the event. The magic and dedication that goes into a specially brewed beer can be life-changing, and we aim to pass on this magic in every drink that gets poured at the festival. Because at Dames and Dregs, its more than just beer — it’s inspiration. That’s why #WeBrew.

Photos: Mary Fiorello, Alicia Fortino, and various brewery partners


Here are some images from brew days for beers that were made specially for Dames and Dregs 2019! Our team really enjoyed our time in the field capturing some of these moments.